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Strategy is the foundational starting point where we flesh out your brands messaging, personality, mission, target audience and more. You will be provided a questionnaire to complete upon onboarding. During your brand strategy session there will be many 'OH SHIT!' moments as we set the foundation for you brand as you prepare to grow and scale.

This is where your brand comes to life visually. With your strategy developed I will design an identity to align that will effortlessly translate to and connect with your audience. You will be educated on how to properly place your logo, style your fonts and utilize your distinct color palette.

A rebrand serves the purpose to truly set your brand up for success so it’s important to plan your content accordingly. Along with a set of templates for social media, you will receive in depth training on how to style your templates, a content plan and a tailored photoshoot guide to provide to your professional photographer so your brand images align and you show up consistently across the board.

An online home is more than a place to sell your products and services. It’s where you can truly shine! We work with you to ensure you provide an experience unique to your brand and amazing to your audience. Here is where we package it all to present to the world for them to find you credible, trustworthy and professional.

you're a visionary


Let’s get you there.



branding that creates impact

We ask you strategic questions that allow us to connect your vision to your visuals. We not only want your audience to desire to connect with your brand but Also to feel the need to connect with your brand. By integrating your value, solutions, and unique messaging, we create a brand identity that captivates the minds of your audience. You’ve put a lot of love, effort, and energy into your business and it’s time that your branding translate your value.

Gain authority & attention With an intentional rebrand.


"A person who sees a problem is a human being; a person who finds a solution is a visionary; and the person who goes out and does something about it is an entrepreneur."

You didn’t put in all this work for nothing. 

Your brand is BOLD  and its time for a Bigger and better comeback.

Established and defined messaging to effectively capture the attention of your audience

A uniquely crafted brand experience by way of visual design and research backed strategy

A content strategy that will excite and engage your people and the clarity needed to show up consistently

CONFIDENCE & clarity

A cohesive visual brand identity that sells.

Working with the Raevision , You will get:


so now you have bomb ass what?

The Visionary package has equipped with you brand and content strategies, a cohesive one of a kind crafted brand identity, and a gorgeous online home; now it's time to market. You don't have to do this on your own. Social Media is a powerful tool that can truly help you build a growing community online bringing you visibility and increasing your sales. Our marketing solutions are practical, unique, and completely based on our client's needs and business goals.

Social media is about more than just posting content and adding hashtags. It is all about building brand awareness among new and existing customers Using the power of  social media we  transform your company's digital presence with unique high-quality content, audience monitoring, and digital community engagement.



With our PPC management services, we make sure that your Google ad investment goes towards clicks that convert into sales. PPC advertising is the fastest way to bring high-quality traffic to your website because search engines rank your website at the top of all the search results related to the search queries, unlike organic listings.


The Answers You Need

I am usually booked out at least two months in advance. You should book several weeks ahead of your project start date so you can complete brand homework and gather content for your website.

when can we start?

The timeline of the project is an estimated 12 weeks, although it may be extended due various circumstances.

how long is the process?

I would love to help, however you know your industry best. Your knowledge and insight about your industry will allow you to develop content better than I. I will however provide you with a website checklist to assist you in developing content and ensure that you have a thorough amount of information to share and engage with your audience.

will you write my website content?

We prefer to offer full branding packages providing Raevision with complete creative control however if you have a professionally designed  identity we can work with, we can provide web design services.

I already have a logo, can i keep existing design?

The Visionary Package Starts at $5200 and the price is determined during the discovery call and details will be sent over in a proposal.

What is the investment?

Professional brand photography is required for your website. We can recommend brand photographers upon request. You will also be responsible for your website hosting and domain purchases.

What is required of me to work with you?

more than


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