Curl Garden is a brand local to Richmond, VA. They  promote kinky, curly, coily hair through education and to provide the best texture hair care on the market.

Their goal is to create a community surrounding natural hair in Richmond, VA and to be the leader in revolutionizing how textured hair care is bought and sold, ensuring kinky, curly, coily hair woman are seen and heard. In order to do that we had to narrow in on their target audience and even more so create individual client personalities to ensure the brand appeals to their audience.

The vision and inspiration for the logo suite developed for Curl Garden was inspired by natural floral elements, colors derived from the words used to describe their business and style words such as luxe, vibrant, and inviting to accomplish portrayal of what Curl Garden represents.

color palette
primary logo
secondary logo

Through branding we developed a brand identity that aims to creatively educate and provide accessibility to black women in the natural hair care community.








The pattern to the left is used to create cohesiveness and fluidity within the color palette. This is most commonly used on the back of business cards, brand collateral and product labels.

The leaf icon is a vital element to the Curl Garden brand as it is present in the main logo and represents the natural element and provides balance between the color palette.The icon provides familiarity to the brand. May also be used in its own pattern.

patterns & icon