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I'm Kristian Rae

I am founder and brand designer of RaeVision. I began teaching myself design the summer of 2017 after giving birth to my son. What began as a hobby soon grew into a full time creative studio. My hunger to learn became a force I could not fight. Hours of studying, practicing and investing in courses brought me to learn my true passion, to help grow and position brands to the forefront of their audience with a beautifully defined visual brand identity.

You don't need (just) a logo love,

you need a entire brand system!

 entire brand

If you're ready to create BIG impact, then you need BOSS branding to move you to the forefront of your market! A logo alone will serve you to become the beautiful, solid brand you're dreaming of. If you're cringing when asked to share your website or social media then it's time for you to invest more into your brand so you can proudly showcase your business like the boss you are! 

Building a brand will give you the credibility you deserve as you'll be positioned as an expert, have a beautifully and strategically designed online home AND a social media presence out of this world just to add a little razzle dazzle on top. My Signature Vision packages are built with more than basics so you can create an authentic connection with your ideal audience.....and secure that bag too.


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If you're looking for a trusted designer to maintain the consistency of your brand, a retainer package is perfect for you! Monthly retainer options allow you to contract me out for months - a year at a time to transform your business from struggling to strong with intentional, creative and consistent branding.  I take on only a limited number of clients each year so I can deliver on this promise with quality and care.


retainer option

  • print graphic needs, such as business cards, letterheads, postcards, ad graphics, event signage, etc. (does not include printing

  • web graphics, such as social promos or banner ads

  • logo design for main brand and sub brands

  • design of social media headers, profile artwork, etc. for all your social channels

  • book cover design: ebook, audio, and print book covers as needed, or any related ad graphics you might need for promotions.

  • merchandise: design of promotional merchandise like stickers, t-shirts, mugs, buttons, notebooks, pins, etc.

  • ongoing website maintenance and plugin updates, regular backups and monitoring of plugins, etc.

  • creative consulting via scheduled check-ins